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How It Works

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Why Use STD Triage?

Fast, Secure, and Anonymous

Cases are answered by a licensed dermatologist

No user accounts required

Submitted cases aren’t STDs 70% of the time


Recommendations by our Doctors

It’s perfectly natural to be worried if you see “something down there” and assume the worst. Often, your intimate problem is a temporary skin irritation or a naturally occurring condition, and not an STD.

Approximately 70% of the cases submitted to STD Triage are unlikely to be STDs and are recommended for self treatment or a quick pharmacy visit before seeing a doctor.

Put a stop to your worries by anonymously submitting your case directly to a dermatologist. Average response time is less than 6 hours.

About Us

STD Triage is powered by iDoc24, a Swedish tele-dermatology company that has been in business since 2008.

STD Triage is specifically branded and tailored for individuals searching to answer their sexual health related questions.


About Our Doctors

Our team of dermatologists (skin doctors) are:

-World renowned dermatologists
-Medically licensed and fully insured
-Peer verified and selected
-Experienced in tele-dermatology
-Trained at top medical institutions around the world

Learn more about our doctors.

What People Are Saying About Our Service

Very Responsive  ★★★★★
May 29, 2013
The under 24hr response is great. I believe mine took even half that. The process is easy as indicated. Just remember to put as much detail as possible when filling out the form.

Physician, primary health care  ★★★★★
May 17, 2013
Inventors of this app brought about a brilliant idea for individuals (and professionals) to efficiently and anonymously examine their risk of potentially harmful sexually transmitted disease. An increasing number of patients in our primary health clinic ask us about the efficiency of this app; we reply that we recommend it.

Worked Very Well   ★★★★★
May 11, 2013
Who would want to rate an STD app?!? Works very well. Not freaking out anymore. I feel better now!

Quick & easy   ★★★★★
Jan 29, 2013
Response was fast. Easy app to navigate.

Very Quick Response   ★★★★
December 2, 2012
Well worth the fee for a quick answer to quell my anxiety. Thanks